Professor Dr.-Ing. Alfons Esderts

Chair Structural Durability and System Behavior


1963: 4 April, born in Norden / East Frisia

1983 - 1990: Studies at the TU Clausthal, graduation as mechanical engineer

1990 - 1995: research assistant, TU Clausthal

1992 - 1993: part-time lecturer at the Clausthal mining and metallurgical school

1995: Doctorate in engineering, TU Clausthal, subject: Structural Durability under multi-axial bending and torsional stress

1995 - 1997: Head of group Structural Durability, Research and Technology Centre of Deutsche Bahn AG, Minden

1997 - 2003: Head of department Verification and Strength Tests, DB Systemtechnik, Minden

since 07/2003: Full Professor at Clausthal University of Technology; Chair of Structural Durability and System Behavior at the Institute for Plant Engineering and Fatigue Analysis

since 2004: Reviewer for the DFG for SFBs

2008 - 2009: Dean of studies, Department Mechanical and Process Engineering

2009 - 2011: Vice Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering

2011 - 2014: Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering

2014: Member of the Senate of the Lower Saxony Technical University (NTH)

2014 - 2015: Vice Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering

2014 - 2015: Member of the Senate of the TU Clausthal

2015 - 2019: Part-time Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer

since 2017: Consultant for the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V.

since 2017: Consultant for the state of Hesse within the LOEWE initiative

10/2018 - 12/2018: Provisional President of the TU Clausthal (m.d.W.d.G.b.)

since 2019: part-time Vice President for Research, Transfer and International Affairs

Publications (selection)

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Müller, C.; Masendorf, R.; Esderts, A.: Robustheit der Freigabeprüfung mit wenigen Proben (Robustness of Approval Testing with few Specimen). In: TU Clausthal, Technical Report Faculty 3, ISSN 1869-8018, Fac3-14-03, 2014,

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Esderts, A.; Masendorf, R.; Medhurst, T.: Fatigue Life Calculation for Strcutures with Inhomogenius Strength Propertiers, Creation of High-Strength Structures and Joints by Setting up Local Material Properties. Eds. H. Palkowski, K.-M. Rudolph, Trans Tech Publications, Zurich (2007)

Esderts, A.; Hollunder, S.; Blaschke, T.: Wirtschaftlicher Leichtbau durch Rührreibschweißen (Efficent light-weight Design by Friction Stir Welding). In: Schweißen und Schneiden 58 (2006) Heft 10


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